Bank Negara foreign reserves rises to US$103.3bil (as of July 15)

PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamad launched the new Visit Malaysia 2020 and set a target of 30 million international tourist arrivals next year.

The logo will be replacing the old one commissioned by the previous Barisan National administration. It will feature some of Malaysia’s most recognizable icons mainly hornbill, hibiscus (bunga raya), wild fern and the colors of the nation’s flag.

The winning logo, designed by Alfred Phua Hong Fook, was selected among over 500 entries. “The launch of the logo is a significant way to usher the much-awaited Visit Malaysia Year 2020. We truly hope that we will witness more tourist arrivals, be they by air, land or sea.” the Prime Minister said in his statement.

In 2018, 25.8M International tourists visited the country. Malaysia is currently ranked 15th among countries with the highest number of tourist arrivals.

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