Business groups told the government to reconsider entry ban from countries with over 150,000 cases

KUALA LUMPUR – International chambers of commerce have urged the Malaysian government to reconsider the entry ban on citizens of countries that record more than 150,000 Covid-19 cases.

The European Union-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry hopes that the government will heed their call and would reconsider the new policy as it may greatly affect and impact the business operations.

Eurocham Malaysia believes the Malaysian government can in turn focus on a more targeted approach of managing movements at the border while prioritizing just the business travel.

They believe that the government imposed ban will result in the loss of millions of dollars on both trade and business levels. The entry ban may lead to having a longer-term impact on the country.

The ban will also impact the global decision-making personnel who are in the country that will also affect the ability of companies to provide specialists to certify equipment.

InvestPenang director Datuk Seri Lee Kah Choon could also have a long term impact in the country with the economy and employment opportunities during the health crisis.

On the other note, British High Commission respects the decision of the Malaysian government and when the number of active Covid-19 cases declines, they hope that the government will lift the travel ban for these groups.

Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced last week that the government will impose an entry ban on citizens of countries recording more than 150,000 cases of Covid-19. United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Italy, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines are among the countries included on the list.

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