Leiking – Top 50 bumiputera companies have export value of RM2.47b, whilst non-bumiputera RM5.54b

The International Trade and Industy Minister Darell Leiking has confirmed that the export value for the top 50 bumiputera companies was RM2.47 billion in 2018, and RM5.54 billion for the top 50 non-bumiputera companies.

The top bumiputera companies registered with MATRADE are from the food and beverage, machinery and industrial, ICT, electrical and electronics and lifestyle sectors.

Their non-bumiputera counterparts were palm oil, food and beverage, ICT, electrical and electronics and lifestyle.

Leiking further confirms that his ministry is employing a continuous two-pronged method to increase the number of bumiputera exporters.

The ministry are also committed to help qualified companies join the Bumiputera Export Development programme. This, he explained, helps businesses by providing monetary incentives and highlights promotional activities for showcases overseas or development missions abroad.

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