“Malaysia Stays Active in the Pandemic of COVID-19”

Malaysia remains competitive with the Covid-19 pandemic and is pushing ahead with the introduction of Industry 4.0 technology as one of the world’s leading manufacturing nations, the Malaysian Business Development Authority (MIDA) said.

His chief executive, Datuk Azman Mahmud, said the country’s diversified economic system and continuing policy assistance in maintaining public safety and people’s livelihoods underpinned Malaysia’s industrial capacity ‘s development momentum.

The need to turn the Malaysian economy through digital empowerment is no longer an choice for retaining our competitive advantages. Digitalisation is crucial for our businesses to be future-proof. Recently, during a webinar hosted by SEMI Southeast Asia. SEMI Southeast Asia is an association serving companies in computer design and manufacturing.

Mida took a proactive step towards this goal to embrace an innovative initiative by introducing Malaysia’s Lighthouse Project, a concept of modeling companies that embraced digital manufacturing and globalization 4.0 in their business model and their entire supply chain. Companies, Azman said, can draw on Malaysia’s strong foundations that involve the infrastructure for electrical and electronics (E&E) and the industry ecosystem built over the last 50 years.

Meanwhile, Bee Bee Ng, president of SEMI Southeast Asia, said Malaysian E&E environment will continue to be robust in the coming months. According to her, the E&E ecosystem in Malaysia will be driven by the industry ‘s enormous prospects, in particular with the increase of remote employment, virtual learning and e-commerce.

She said the global demand for semiconductors has given early indicators of resistance to the economic uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic triggered.

Part of the power, she said, arises from the essence of the industry itself, which is present and plays a role in the growth of other important sectors such as health care, automobile and retailing.

Connecting industry players, especially small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs), remains important even during these unprecedented times, as they focus on staying adaptive and creative to ride through the fluid landscape. SEMI Southeast Asia will be hosting a simulated SEMICON Southeast Asia 2020 to be conducted at SEMICON West 2020 from 20-23 July this year, with business executives and subject matter experts addressing the new patterns, technologies and inventions in the Southeast Asia Pavilion.

Between August 10-21, 2020, the multimedia program will start with in-depth technological webinars based on technology issues such as circular processing and innovative packaging.

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