Marry or sell Malaysia Airlines, but don’t let it die: Kadir Jasin

KUALA LUMPUR: It is better for Malaysia Airlines Bhd to be “married” to AirAsia than to wantonly allow the iconic brand to die, veteran newsman Datuk A. Kadir Jasin said today.

He noted that AirAsia had “married” Malaysia Airlines before, referring to their share swap agreement on Aug 9, 2011. The deal was short-lived, falling through eight months later.

He hinted that a recommendation has been made to the government for Malaysia Airlines to be closed.

Malaysia Airlines, he noted, is a great name that is globally recognised, and there is a lot of goodwill attached to it. It is a brand that has a “considerable monetary value”, he said.

Kadir also stressed that there’s no shame in selling it either.

Malaysia Airlines is already in partnership with many foreign airlines either through joint ventures or code-sharing, the latest being with Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines,” he said.

However, closing Malaysia Airlines would in effect create a duopoly of AirAsia and Malindo Airways, he pointed out.

“Neither can fill the void because their business models are different from Malaysia Airlines,” Kadir said

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