“Restarting the Economy in Malaysia will take place on May 4th”

Although there is no way to predict precisely what the economic risk from the global COVID-19 pandemic would be, analysts generally believe that it would have significant negative impacts on the global economy. 

Everyone is doing their best in regaining what’s lost and move forward while battling with the unstoppable transmission although there are recoveries which are good signs to bounce back as a country. 

In view of this, Malaysia is now focused on restarting its economy after the government announced today that it will allow almost all economic sectors and business activities to resume operations from Monday onward.

In today’s special televised address in connection with Labor Day, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin reiterated that, however, companies are subject to the authorities’ criteria and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Amid the Health Ministry’s recommendations, based on the evidence collected and best practices suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO), the government has agreed to reopen the economy cautiously by implementing strict health related SOPs.

Nearly all economic sectors and business practices will be permitted to restart operations with numerous conditions and SOPs from the authorities starting May 4.

Besides, it would not be permitted to operate certain categories that involved large crowds and physical interactions, where social distancing could not be regulated.

Cinemas, karaoke shops, reflexology centres, amusement shops, night clubs, theme parks, Ramadan bazaar, Aidilfitri bazaar, sales carnival as well as other kinds of conferences and exhibits are among those companies that are not permitted to reopen.

Muhyiddin stated that the government would also introduce conditional Movement Control Order by allowing all business and social operations to restart with the exception from practices involving large crowds and those exposing the public to the possibility of being contaminated with Covid-19.

Enhanced MCO would also be introduced at areas that have reported a large number of incidents, mainly in the red zone.

While the plan of restarting is something to look forward, may the country continue to fight the virus with strategic approach and soon, everything will get better. 

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