TNB: Smart meter accurate

MELAKA: Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) has reaffirmed that its smart meter system works efficiently and there is no misreading on the actual monthly power usage.

Earlier this month, Chief Minister Adly Zahari urged TNB to ensure the smart meter system was implemented properly, including its myTNB application that allows consumers to monitor their electricity consumption via their smartphones and help them reduce usage.

Melaka is among the pioneer states to introduce the smart meter and to date, over 300,000 households are already using it.

The company said it was aware of the complaints from consumers that their monthly bills had soared drastically since converting to the smart meters.

It added that consumers, however, could still visit the TNB office at Jalan Banda Kaaba from tomorrow until Friday 28 during office hours if they had doubts over their bills.

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