Faye Wong’s ring on finger sparks talk of marriage to Nicholas Tse

HONG KONG: Ever since they’ve rekindled their romance in 2014, Chinese pop queen Faye Wong, 50 and Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse, 39 were spotted by fans behaving lovingly towards each other, with talk of marriage surfacing from time to time.

It was recorded that Wong and Chinese actor Li Yapeng got divorced in 2013 while Tse also divorced Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung in 2011.

The speculation of marriage started on Thursday (Sept 5), when Wong was spotted at the Beijing airport wearing a ring on her finger. She seemed to be in a good mood when she accepted fans’ requests for autographs, a marked difference from her icy reputation.

There were fans who believed the ring was merely an accessory and has no special meaning but there are some who went through her online photos in August, proving that they did not find her wearing the ring until that day. In the actor’s Weibo account, his latest post was a video of him being appointed as a brand ambassador for a luxury fashion house.

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