Jacqueline Wong to make a comeback in Malaysia

After broadcaster TVB recently surprised viewers by pulling the drama out of cold storage, Jacqueline Wong did not return to Hong Kong to help promote Finding Her Voice.

To avoid a public backlash after she was caught kissing singer Andy Hui, husband of Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng, in a taxi in April, the 30-year-old actress had fled to the United States.

The incident led to TVB reshooting her scenes in Forensic Heroes IV, with Roxanne Tong taking over Wong’s role.

The broadcaster has since softened its stand on Wong, with Finding Her Voice currently airing in Hong Kong.

However, she is still staying away from Hong Kong, uncertain whether folk has truly chosen to forget and forgive.

She is reportedly tempted to make a public comeback in Malaysia.TVB is further testing the water by releasing another two of her canned dramas in Malaysia.

The Offliners will air on Astro on Nov 18 while The Maid Alliance will screen from Dec 16, reports said.

Owen Cheung is believed to be the person she needs by her side in Malaysia, who had expressed his hope during the Wong scandal, that The Offliners would not be abandoned The actor, who is the show’s male lead and sang the theme song, has stayed in touch with Wong.

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