The Hollywood Henry Golding mum on rumours he will be the next James Bond , says ‘Daily Mail’

He’s received a meteoric rise to fame with leading roles in two blockbusters only months apart .

Now Henry Golding , 32 , is still being discussed as a future James Bond replacing 50-year-old Daniel Craig finishes his tenure , according to news.

“I couldn’t possibly say anything about that,” he was quoted as replying.

He was similarly tight-lipped when asked if he might ensure high box offices figures in Asia and the US.

“Maybe” it would be a good idea, he answered.

But when he was asked if he would be receptive to the role if the studio called him up, he went back to his standby response: “I couldn’t possibly say.”

Based on the portal , Present Bond star Daniel Craig is scheduled to return for one final journey as the vodka martini-guzzling British spy . The insider report added that filming for the as-yet-untitled Bond 25 have been brought back to April after extensive screenplay rewrites were required .

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