Leading VR Theme Park in Malaysia Opens

Virtual Reality (VR) the recent addition to the customer, software game developer VAR LIVE launched the significant VR theme park in Malaysia.

VAR LIVE Global Limited CEO Steve Ngu, they spent RM6 million in the set up of its theme park, VAR LIVE Malaysia.

“VR is all about turning the out of the question into actuality. We develop our games to fascinate the curiosity of all sorts of people”, Steve Ngu said.

It has most suitable audio-visual feast integrated with immersive interaction. The theme park is focusing not only to set off enjoyment in its gamers but additionally transform the gaming world.

Talking about his goal, supporting the ever-changing world of entertainment, Ngu together with his team certainly bears big plans.

Next year, the organization plans to involve in VR training for military, police, hospital, fire brigade, and also education sectors.

There are plans to establish similar outlets in leading cities such as Kota Kinabalu and Johor. While an outlet in Singapore is to start in June up coming year.

In addition to that, VAR Live is focusing to start one of the biggest VR e-sports in March around year.

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