Trump floats the idea of scarves as an alternative to face mask

WASHINGTON – President Trump suggests that scarf can be a good idea if they cannot find a face mask amid shortages.

“A lot of people have scarves. And you can use a scarf. A scarf would be very good.”

“ can use something else over your face. It’s not a bad idea for a period of time. We are making millions and millions of masks, but we want them to go to hospitals.’ Trump said in a press conference.

Trump’s updated suggestion came after weeks of advice that surgical masks would not protect against the spread of coronavirus unless properly fitted. Although it’s not recommended to use scarves in the long haul, The US President is optimistic that people will not feel the need to cover their faces as the pandemic withers out. The cases in the US are currently on the rise and are close to 190,000 positive cases with nearly 4,000 deaths by COVID-19.

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