8 theatre and performing arts shows to watch in August

It looks like August has an exciting array of theatre picks! Here are eight theatre and arts performances this month not to be missed:

The Silly Little Girl And The Funny Old Tree & The River Of Life

Location: Pentas 2, KLPac

Date: Aug 8-11

It’s graduation time for the participants of this year’s Theatre For Young People. Under the direction of Mark Beau de Silva and Ho Lee Ching, the 13 ensemble members will be performing in this double bill, based on Kuo Pao Kun’s classic tale. The Silly Little Girl And The Funny Old Tree, written in 1987, centres on a girl who is quite fond of an old tree in her schoolyard. To her horror, she discovers that the tree has to make way for a new development. A mission ensues to save the tree. The River Of Life, on the other hand, is inspired by another Kuo work that the ensemble performed in June and will see the young actors question, excavate and design a Kuala Lumpur that is their own. More details:

The Storyteller: Because You Are A Woman

Location : Now Theatre, Midfields Square West, Taman Sungei Besi, KL

Date: Aug 16-18

This one-woman show features Amelia Tan, who will be playing three different characters. Each exploring the idea of marriage. In some parts of the modern world, marriage is considered as the biggest life goal in a woman’s life. Even with divorces and failed marriages, it is still important for mothers to teach their daughters about getting a good husband and being a good wife. This play explores the validity of this notion through an intergenerational story that looks at the older woman insisting on the younger one to get married despite her imperfect marriage. The play will be performed in Penang Hokkien with English and Mandarin surtitles. FB: The Storyteller: Because You Are A Woman.

Tales From The Scars

Location : Pentas 2, KLPac

Date : Aug 16-18

Penang-based writer/director Fa Abdul returns with another biting, new series of work in Tales From The Scars. The play, which features a series of 10 intimate monologues, made its debut at PenangPac last year. Very much like her Tales From Amma’s Kitchen (2018), Fa keeps the stories honest, real and poignant as she explores the many things that leave us scarred and how these scars affect our being, for good or bad. Among other things, the play will seek to address the realities of parental abandonment, parental sacrifice and the unexplored constructs of racism, romance and reawakening. More details:

Light (Creative Development Showing)

Location: Indicine, KLPac

Date : Aug 23-29

Many of us would be familiar with the name Francis Light, thanks to our history lessons about Penang. But how many of us know about his son William, who laid out the city of Adelaide? In fact, how much of the Light family story do we actually know? Australian director/writer Thomas Henning collaborates with Malaysia’s TerryandTheCuz in this story of two generations of adventurers and how the irreversible impact of their actions, continue to resonate today. One family, crushed between East and West, struggles for identity as history is slowly colonised. Light, which was recently performed at the George Town Festival, questions the way in which our collective past is remembered, and how it perpetuates systemic prejudice today. The show, in creative development stage, features Junji Delfino, Gavin Yap and Arief Hamizan. More details:

Music Of Words

Location : Blackbox, DPAC, Petaling Jaya

Date : Aug 23-25

WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble returns with a concert series that will feature a wide range of WVC’s repertoire each night. On Aug 23, WVC will present its first ballad-based concert, featuring new compositions and old favourites. The next day, it will present original works composed by bandleader Tay Cher Siang, drawing inspiration from his avid connection with Haruki Murakami’s works. Lastly, WVC will revisit its If Music Be The Food Of Love, Jazz On! show, which it performed in 2016 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. For this the Bard-inspired show, veteran arts practitioner Lim Soon Heng (of Shakespeare Demystified fame) and London-based actor/singer Aaron Teoh are the guests. More details:


Location: Shantanand Auditorium, The Temple Of Fine Arts, KL

Date: Aug 24

Damaru Creations, in collaboration with Laasya Arts Academy Malaysia, will be presenting an evening of bharathanatyam performance in an effort to raise funds for the Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA). Choreographed by Guruvayur Usha Dorai, with music composed by Achyuthan Sashidaran Nair, Nrithyopasa will feature seven dancers from Laasya Arts Academy Malaysia.

Seni Tiga #07: As We Go Along

Location : KongsiKL, Gudang Yee Seng 2, Jalan Klang Lama, KL

Date : Aug 23-24

Seni Tiga is a multidisciplinary collaborative performance project presented by Kongsi Petak, a member of the KongsiKL community focusing on performing arts.

This month’s edition features a performance series called As We Go Along, which is inspired by the Klang River that flows parallel to KL’s Old Klang Road. The show features multimedia artists Ejin Sha and Max Jala collaborating with multi-talented musician Kent Lee (known for his work in Fast Food Generation and Flica) and contemporary dancer Pexstret Liu. FB: KongsiKL.

Matahari Jangan Tidure, Nanti Hilang Belang

Location : Blackbox, DPAC

Date : Aug 29- Sept 1

After exploring the idea of existentialism in Api, Jangan Lupa Api last year, young director Arief Hamizan returns with an exciting new work. It is part of theatre collective Theatresauce’s New Projects series. A fully devised and experimental play Matahari gazes upon a family seeking normalcy in the aftermath of a cataclysmic event. In their newly distorted world of broken televisions and what could possibly be the final ray of sunlight, they struggle to piece together the fragmented ideas of nation, religion and morality that once existed. FB: Matahari Jangan Tidure, Nanti Hilang Belang.

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