Wolfgang Puck cooks up a surprise for Oscars big night.

They may nibble on Oscar-shaped flat breads topped with smoked salmon and even caviar , sip French champagne and basin their teeth into tiny chocolate Oscar statuettes .

Absolutely nothing is a great one for Hollywood’s stars who will be wined also dined after the Academy Awards on Sunday by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck .

“We have been doing the Oscars for 25 years, which is really amazing,” the 69-year-old chef told AFP last Thursday during a tour of his kitchen where he was prepping for the extravaganza.

”Among the other 60 dishes on the menu this year will be spicy fried quail, black truffle chicken pot pie,Wagyu beef and agnolotti  with black truffle and spring peas. We’ve got the black truffle from France,” the Austrian-born Puck gushed as he showed samples of his dishes. “People love the smell, and we make a thousand of them, so the whole dining room smells like truffle.”


“I really believe the movie industry is worldwide,” he said. “They have movies in France, in Italy, in England, and now Mexico is really strong, they have Roma.

“So our cooking here is a little bit like that. We have influence from Asia, from Italy, France.” Puck added.

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