A man died following freak firecracker incident

KULAI: In celebration of Deepavali, a 25-year-old man was killed after lighting a firecracker outside their home.

According to reports, the man named P. Puwnaswaran suddenly slipped and fell on the firecracker which he had lit. It led to a loud explosion.

“He was badly injured all over the body and face. He was immediately rushed to the Kulai Hospital for treatment,” said a friend who declined to be named.

Puwnaswaran was then transferred to Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Baru, however, he died several hours later, the friend added.

“The family is devastated.“This was supposed to be a happy occasion when everyone gathered to play firecrackers for Deepavali,” the friend said.

According to a friend, Puwnaswaran, who worked in Singapore, was a happy and cheerful person.

Police said that investigations were underway and urged the public to be careful when playing with fireworks.

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