Sarawak’s Lawas Airport shuts down due to flood

MIRI: Today, Sarawak Disaster Relief Management Committee announces the shutdown of Lawas Airport in northern Sarawak as the runway and airport complex has been flooded. This was due to non-stop rain throughout the night until morning.

“Malaysia Airports Bhd has issued a notice on the closure of the airport. It will decide how long the airport will be shut down.”Floods have covered the airstrip and the interior of the airport complex.

The extent of damages will only be known once the flood subsides.”As at 7 am, floodwaters have risen to two feet inside the complex and on the runway,” said the committee.

Located next to Sarawak-Sabah border, Lawas district has a population of about 50,000 people.

Lawas Airport is an important rural-link airport and also serves the deep interior settlements of Bario and Bakelalan.

Aside from Lawas Airport, four other villages in the Lawas district were also flooded. These are Kpg Siang Siang, Ulu Merapok, Kpg Luangan, and Kpg Seberang which are inundated by nearly a meter of water in some places.

Many roads to villages have also been cut off by floods in Lawas. Miri, Baram, Tinjar, and Limbang districts have already been hit by floods since the beginning of the week.

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