The worth of RM50,000 was robbed

PORT DICKSON: A money changer outlet was robbed of some RM50,000 and an undisclosed amount in foreign currency by five men armed with axes and machetes in a broad daylight here.

According to Port Dickson OCPD Supt Aidi Sham Mohamed, the incident happened at a mall here at around 4 pm on Monday (Oct 14).

Two suspects, according to the preliminary investigations, were reportedly smashed a glass panel with axes and then went on to break the side door to gain entry to the outlet while three others stood guard.

“The duo entered the shop and grabbed some RM50,000 and foreign currency kept in a drawer,” he said.”One of the staff managed to trigger the alarm before the suspects gained entry but this did not stop them,” he said.

The suspects, wearing masks and gloves did not harm the employees.CCTV recordings showed that the suspects escaped in a vehicle that was earlier reported stolen in Tampoi, Johor, Supt Aidi said.

The vehicle was found later by the police, abandoned in a residential area at around 5.30 pm.”Based on public information, the suspects apparently escaped in a silver car,” he said.

The case is being probed under sections 395 and 397 of the Penal Code for armed robbery.

Supt Aidi appealed to those with information to call 017-422 0322 or visit the nearest police station.

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