Trunk Road in Padawan District Caves In

MIRI: Along the hilly terrains of Padawan district in Southern Sarawak, a trunk road has caved-in due to heavy rain.

According to the State Disaster Relief Management Committee, the road was an important link for villages in the Kg Kakus-Kidding region.

Committee secretary Major Ismail Mahedin said, heavy rain beginning on New Year’s Eve and continuing into the new year led to the road collapse.

“The Public Works Department and road-contractor CMS have deployed technical staff to the site.”Urgent repair works are being carried out now,” he said.

He added, remedial works and barriers were being placed to prevent further cave-ins.

To check the safety of motorists and villagers, personnel were also deployed to the site.

This latest incident is the fifth instance of serious hillslope failure in Sarawak over the past three days.

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