Volunteer hiker never thought they would stumble upon Nora Quoirin’s body

SEREMBAN: After 10 days of search and rescue (SAR) operations conducted by various security agencies, a group of volunteer hikers never imagined that they would find the body of the missing Irish teenager, Nora Anne Quoirin.

Before the discovery of the body, Kenny Chan Kai Sian, 43, said that the hiking team conducted a search along the river and they had split into two groups.

“We split into two groups, one on the left and one on the right, to expand the search area.

“My group which was on the left side suddenly saw a body about 20m in front of us, a member of our group who saw the body yelled at us not to approach it as it would interfere with the elements of evidence required by the police,” he said.

When the group discovered the body, Chan was still hoping for the best and it never crossed his mind that the body would be of Nora Anne.

“I didn’t dare to stare at the corpse and just glanced at it from a distance. Without hesitation, I contacted the police regarding the discovery of the body,” he said.

The group of hikers joined the search for Nora Anne on Aug 11. The body of Nora Anne was found at 1.57pm yesterday, 10 days after she went missing from a resort in Pantai, Negri Sembilan, on Aug 4

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