Yong may be asked to go on leave

IPOH:  Yong may be asked to go on leave if the police investigation takes too long, said by Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu. Although state exco member Paul Yong Choo Kiong will be back to work as usual today.

According to Yong’s private secretary Teo Hui Yng, her boss, who was accused of raping his Indonesian maid, would be carrying out his duties at his office.  Although he had been busy during the past few days dealing with the accusation.

Teoh was lodging a report at the Ipoh Police Headquarters yesterday over a member of a political party who called her and allegedly asked her if her boss had sexually harassed her in the past.

Malim Nawar assemblyman Leong Cheok, Keng – acting as Yong’s lawyer, Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubra¬maniam and Keranji assemblyman Chong Zhemin were also present.

There was no reason for him to be suspended. Yong would still carry out his duties as a state executive councilor. He should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, Leong said.

 “The allegation against Yong has no basis because we lawyers have this saying – that rape is easy to allege but difficult to rebut,” he said.

Leong also added that Yong had a strong alibi and witness to show that the alleged crime did not happen.

He insists that he is studying the case through the evidence, alibi and witnesses, and not because Yong is his friend.

“It was impossible or illogical for him to rape someone in his own house where there were other people around, including family members,” he claimed.

Based on the police report, Teoh, 27 (who has been working for Yong for the past seven months), received a phone call from Loh Tian Quan at about 1pm on Wednesday. She was asked if she had been sexually harassed by Yong.

She hoped the police would investigate the attempts to slander Yong.

But when they contacted Loh, he admitted that he called Teoh out of a concern as a friend. He is just checking on her.

 “I was merely telling her to be careful as I heard a lot of unpleasant information from outside.

“I have no reason to tarnish his (Yong) name or career,” he said.

Loh, a Perak MCA Committee member, issued a statement on Wednesday, asking the police for a press conference to prevent speculation of the case.

According to DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng. action wound only be decided once the police had completed their investigation over the rape allegation.

He had ordered the state DAP to prepare a report for him and the matter was also discussed with Ahmad Faizal.

However, the swearing-in ceremony for the state exco members which was scheduled yesterday had been postponed because of the probe, according to Ahmad Faizal.

 “There is no criminal charges yet. But if the investigation drags on too long, he (Yong) may be asked to take leave,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

“He’s still an exco and he can still come to the office. I have only postponed the important meetings,” said Ahmad Faizal.

Yong, 49, a Perak Housing and Local Government Committee Chairman, issued a statement on Wednesday. He unequivocally and categorically denied the unfounded allegation made against him. Perak police chief Comm Datuk Razarudin Husain said they had recorded statements from Yong and the 23-year-old alleged victim.

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