Long name ‘Princess Aura’ inspired from Wali Songo – Mother

SUNGAI PETANI : “I do not mind what people want to say next to my son’s name, because only our family understands why the name is given.” 

It’s the explanation of Nurul Huda Arifin, 32, the mother of the longest name owner in Malaysia. 

According to Nurul Huda, the selection of “Princess Aura Nurr Emmily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nwal El Zandraatau” or more spoiled “Princess Aura” was agreed between her and her husband when her child was still in the womb. 

Obviously, the name is given in the name of one of the Songo Wali.

“As a result of this name we can because we often go to Indonesia on duty, we often go to Mount Jati in Cenibon, so from there we can inspire to put our child’s name from the origin of the name of a guardian of God there named Sheikh Sharif Hidayatullah Aulia Maulana Sultan Hasannudin.

In fact, not only Princess Aura has the longest name in her family, even two of the other four siblings also have long and unique names. 

The third child of the couple was named Princess Amanda Aulia Sofia Nurr Jelita, 3, while fourth child Prince Muhammad Ahmad Ashrofi Aulia Alfarezel Rasya Sidra, 2. 

Clearly the mother of these five children, she has no problem remembering all their children’s names and affirming that there is a living yet, the unique and long names started with Prince and Princess will be given to other children.

“My first son Muhammad Rayyan Dinzly, the second Nur Raynia Isabella, the three Princess Amanda Aulia Sofia Nurr Jelita, the fourth Prince Muhammad Ahmad Ashrafi Aulia Alfarezel Rasya Sidra, and the five Princess Aura Nurr Emmily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zandra,” said Nurul Huda again. 

Meanwhile, her husband Mohd Sufian Mohd Salleh said her children had no problems at school and her children’s friends could call them with a simple name like Prince and Princess. 

“It’s easiest to call Prince Muhammad, can call Princess Amanda, can call Princess Aura … issue, insha-Allah.

Previously, the news announcement by the Director of the National Registration Department was that the name of Princess Aura Nurr Emmily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zandra was the longest name in Malaysia. 

The news received various reactions from Malaysians.

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