Penang International Food Festival

The Penang International Food Festival celebrates the wondrous delicacies found in the Pearl of the Orient, showcasing the humble authenticity of its world-famous food. Penangites take immense pride in their food heritage and this is no wonder as we live in the food capital of Malaysia, and arguably of Southeast Asia. 

The ​Pasar ​or market is where most Penangites do their daily food shopping, making it the best place to discover Penang-style breakfast food such as Apom, Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee and more. Eat your way through the charming and extremely delicious neighbourhood of Pulau Tikus.

Taste up to five varieties of Penang-style breakfast food while learning about the history of the food. Anyone with an interest in Penang’s heritage cuisine and culture will benefit. We guarantee you will not walk away hungry.

Venue :Georgetown 

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