“Situation in Sudan is under control” – Saifuddin

Source: MalayMail

Foreign Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah assured that it’s not necessary to bring the Malaysians back from Sudan at this point.

He also said that the situation in Sudan is not that messy and definitely under control, hoping that the unrest in Khartoum would end and calm down soon.

150 Malaysians are still in Sudan including 109 students and all of them were advised to stay clear of the riots areas.

Saifuddin also mentioned that all parents were told not to worry or panic with the situation in Sudan as it’s all under control but some student has already returned to Malaysia but Saifuddin justified this by saying it was because of the university break not because of the riots.

Commenting on the air space dispute with Singapore following the landing of aircraft at Seletar Airport, Saifuddin reiterated that the issue would be given priority in his meeting with his counterpart in the republic, Vivian Balakrishnan on Tuesday.

He said, Malaysia would be proposing that aircraft land in Seletar through another direction and not to use the air space of Pasir Gudang, Johor to resolve the situation.

“Apart from the Seletar landing issue, other issues to be discussed are the agreement on managing airspace signed with Singapore in 1974, the Johor port limits and the water agreement which is now placed under the purview of the Attorney General.

“The Attorney Generals of both countries have met last year and in the Tuesday meeting, I hope we could at least obtain a timeframe on the water agreement,” he said.

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