Survey Reveals Covid-19 Impacting Nine in 10 Employees in Malaysia

A survey conducted by recruitment agency JobStreet revealed Covid-19 ‘s massive impact on the Malaysian workforce, with nine out of 10 respondents saying the pandemic has forced changes to their work.

Taken from about 5,000 Can respondents, most identified the changes as unfavorable and widespread. Up to 58 per cent of respondents said they thought they needed to start operating from home, 48 per cent claimed the pandemic needed affected their wages and remuneration, while 24 per cent decided to take leave.

Moreover, 66 percent of respondents had an increased scope of work, especially among higher-paid employees in larger organizations. It was the strongest in the schooling and industrial industries, which simultaneously faced a desire for distant information and rising competition for products.

In comparison, 45 per cent of workers employed in the hospitality / catering industry experienced a decline in the quality of employment and 36 per cent in the architecture / construction field.

The study also showed that a pay cut of more than 30% was announced by one in three workers. Nevertheless, given the loss or elimination of incentives and a pay drop for full-time workers, they remain less prone to long-term downsizing.

As a consequence, most workers are still obsessed with problems related to financing and work stability, which in effect has contributed to workplace satisfaction deteriorating.

Service focused businesses and companies of small children are the industries most impacted. Employees employed for SMEs have found their workplace morale to be smaller. Official figures last month shows that almost 800,000 Malaysians were left unemployed in April as a result of steps to curb the pandemic.

This is predicted that the statistics of may would be worse.

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