A Cisco Asean’s employee fired for insulting King

Source: The star

An employee got fired by Cisco Asean after being accused of saying bad insults about the monarchy on social media due to the public pressure.

Cisco Asean said on an official statement on social media that it respects and honors laws and local traditions.

It also mentioned that the employee does not represent Cisco’s view and that Cisco regrets any distress and apologizes then It assured that the employee is no longer with company.

Cisco Asean is the headquarters of the Silicon Valley-based networking, telecommunications and technology company.

The fired employee caused a rage on social media after leaving comments on a news report about Sultan Muhammad V resigning as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Malaysians went to the Cisco Asean’s facebook page to demand taking actions against that employee.

An Umno Youth delegation also caused a minor commotion at Cisco Systems Malaysia’s office in Kuala Lumpur on Monday (Jan 7), demanding action against the individual.

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