Anwar says Mahathir lied to him on PM succession plan

PETALING JAYA –  PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has now realised that he was duped bby for former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when he promised to pass him the premiereship.

In an exclusive interview with  Sin Chew Daily, Anwar said that he believed that Dr Mahathir will honor his promise of passing the country’s top job to him after two years in office. However Mahathir kept changing the date until agreeing to step down after the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit this year.

However, on Feb 24, Mahathir step down and made that promise meaningless and eventually led to the collapse of the Pakatan-led government.

Anwar added that if Mahathir did not resign, it could’ve saved the part and all internal issues could have been resolved. He admitted that there are traitors in PKR and Bersatu and could’ve plan it a long time ago and Dr Mahathir allowed it to occur therefore should be accountable for the outcome.

The PKR President denied allegations that Dr. Mahathir was for by PKR to resign saying that the request to resign from the PKR grassroots was not a form of pressure. Anwar, while could still communicate with Dr Mahathir, admitted that he will never endorse him as prime minister again.

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