COVID-19: Malaysia was chosen by WHO to run trials for new drug

PETALING JAYA – The World Health Organisation (WHO) has chosen Malaysia to run trials on the effectiveness of a drug called Remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients, per the National Security Council (NSC).

According to WHO, Malaysia was chosen because its Health ministry has the ability to undertake the research.

Malaysia’s Health Director-General, Noor Hisham Abdullah, confirmed that they would treat COVID-19 positive patients with the new and monitor all the side effects and effectiveness.

Remdesevir, a novel anti-viral drug that has been recently identified as a possible treatment for the COVID-19. The drug was originally developed to fight the Ebola virus, has shown promise to hold back the coronavirus especially in patients in severe condition. 

Although a couple of cases yielded positive results, the drug doesn’t still prove that it is safe and effective for everyone.

“It’s an unprecedented effort—an all-out, coordinated push to collect robust scientific data rapidly during a pandemic,” Hisham explained. If the trials are successful, the country can potentially have a human vaccine to go on clinical trials early and the eventual development of the cure.

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