Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore to Work with DLT-Based AI for Logistics

The Singapore and Malaysia division of Domino’s Pizza has teamed with SingularityNET to implement its blockchain-powered artificial intelligence ( AI ) technology , the Domino’s splitting confirmed to Cointelegraph on May 2.

Within the brand new partnership , Singularity NET will include AI algorithms and solutions in Domino’s functions to improve its supply chain procedures and logistics in Malaysia and Singapore , a Singularity NET press release advised Cointelegraph notes .

Based on the press release , Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore has more than 260 retailers with a total staff of more than 4 ,000 . As Cointelegraph disclosed previously , customers can pay for Domino’s Pizza with bitcoin ( BTC ) as payment though services such as PizzaForCoins .

In recent times , SingularityNET partnered with Chinese insurance giant in order to deliver its AI algorithms specializing in Optical Character Recognition , Computer Vision and model training . 

Also , SingularityNET entered into another collaboration with agriculture-focused blockchain startup Hara to apply blockchain to provide farmers in Indonesia with data such as grain prices , soil quality and land ownership information .

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