Durian season coming to an end

GEORGE TOWN: Time passes by in an instant and those who yet to satisfy their desire for durians had better hurry because the Penang Agriculture Department predicts that the fruits will have all fallen in another seven to 10 days.

Agriculture officer Ahmad Razali Abdul Razak said, while people may still get a hold of some of the other clones, the quality had begun to drop because the trees were now channelling nutrients into producing new stems for the next season and had stopped feeding the remaining fruits that had yet to fall.

As far as Ahmad Razali can remember, this has been one of the shortest mid-year durian seasons.

The department keeps a “real-time” track of the durian season through its own Relau Agrotourism Park in the south of the island, which has 220 trees of more than 40 cloned and kampung durian varieties, mostly planted between 1986 and 1990.

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