“Governement on Special Opportunities that Frontliners Deserve for their Unwavering Service”

Stepping out of their family’s safe embrace, they will run the risk of catching the disease only to provide the help that people need in the midst of this pandemic. As they show the same devotion and dedication to everyone personally impacted by the crisis — that is, absolute selflessness and courage, losing precious energy to the family in the face of chaos and life and limb risks.

Morever, we have seen this in the daily lives of our frontline volunteers so here’s what the Government is proposing, it’s offering unique opportunities for frontline volunteers including leaders of the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM), the People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) and other organisations.

Minister in the Department of Prime Ministers (Special Functions) Datuk Seri Redzuan Md Yusof said the change appreciates their contributions and sacrifices in efforts to suppress Covid-19 infections. They appreciate their contributions to the society and will soon figure out something for them. 

For starters, the APM leaders have been there in times of conflict, crises, incidents and disasters. APM already has 6500 leaders and many organisations have about 100,000 volunteers. He said the government had deployed the volunteers in different forms to support the country, including providing guidance and describing the new standard to the people.

Elaborating Mohd Redzuan said the APM leaders and other volunteers were equipped to always be prepared to cope with crises or emergencies, despite having to face different challenges. Nearly 1,000 qualified APM personnel are employed in the quarantine centers and their health and protection are well taken care of, he added, adding that when on duty they are equipped with personal protective equipment.

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