“Ikatan Muslimin” Malaysia wants an ‘Islamic state’

Source: SraitsTimes

One million signatures are needed by a right wing Malay muslim group called “Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia” to put pressure on the government so that Malaysia be declared as an “Islamic State”. The signatures are planned to be presented to the King. This movement is gonna be hard to deal with by Pakatan Harapan government.

This “Ikatan Mulsimin” group refuses that Malaysia’s nation is a secular nation and it wants Malaysia to be clearly Islamic.

The “Ikatan Muslimin” group also rejects that Malaysia is a country for different cultures and it supports the idea of “Land of Malays” which may cause a conflict as some states like Sabah and Sarwak have significant numbers of non-muslim populations.

The five-month Isma campaign named “Malaysia Negara Islam” – or Malaysia is an Islamic state – also calls for a stronger role for the Islamic legal system.

On website, The campaign website, It stated that PH leaders’ previous statement are rejected as they said that Malaysia is not an “Islamic State”. Th website also stated that Malaysia is an islamic state based on its culture, history and constitution.

19,000 people had signed the petition by late evening yesterday, two days after the campaign was launched on Dec 26.

While often seen to the right of Malaysian politics, Isma received widespread approval from the Malay community in December last year when its campaign forced the Najib Razak government to drop a controversial project to impose new fees for Muslims heading to Saudi Arabia for umrah (minor pilgrimages). That plan was launched just a day earlier.

Isma’s new campaign was launched amid views among a section of Malays that the seven-month-old PH government is weak in protecting their rights, and comes just three weeks after a huge street rally. Some 50,000 Malays peacefully protested in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month against a plan by the Mahathir Mohamad administration to ratify a United Nations convention, claiming doing so would weaken Malay and Muslim rights.

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