Malaysia voted 25th sexiest nation in the world

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia was recently voted for the 25th sexiest nation of the world. Personalities like Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, actor Henry Golding and model Amber Chia have perhaps placed us on the world map.

According to international travel website Big 7 Media, 1.5 million people across the globe were surveyed to get an insight into where the world’s most beautiful people were located.

The survey placed Malaysians at the 25th spot in the world, ahead of the Americans (45th), Germans (44th), Swedish (38th), Thais (36th), Russians (33rd), Chinese (31st) and Iranians (26th), among others.

The survey said Ukrainians have a “striking appearance”, thus, have easily topped its poll for 2019.

The poll added that the impressive score of the Danish people’s sexiness proved that “Denmark was beautiful in more ways than one”.

It said Filipino took the third spot, as it had many famous personalities such as professional boxer Manny Pacquiao, together with singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, adding that many Miss World participants which have come out from the Philippines have made the country a top scorer too.

Rounding up the top 10 were Brazilians (4th), Australians (5th), South Africans (6th), Italians (7th), Armenians (8th), English (9th) and Canadians (10th).

The least “sexiest” nation in the world went to the Irish.

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