Man stabs Ex-wife after refusing to get back together

BESUT: A 31-year-old suspect was arrested by the Besut police for stabbing his ex-wife with a screw driver after she refuses to reconcile their marriage.

The victim, 28 years old, working as a maid was approached by the suspect while working at Pantai Air Tawar suffered serious head injuries and currently being treated at the Besut Hospital.

The suspect apparently became enraged when the victim refused to consider getting back together.

Police managed to arrest the suspect along roadside at Jalan Cawat, Kuala Besut, Terengganu. They we’re also able to recover the weapon (screwdriver) on the scene. The victim was married to the suspect in November 2014. They had a four year old daughter before devorcing in July 2017 at the Besut Syariah Court.

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