New youth entity will focus on ‘politics of service’, not ‘politics of money’, says Saddiq

KUALA LUMPUR – Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman wants the new youth party to change the politics and how it is being funded.

According to Saddiq, his time as Bersatu Youth chief has given him insights into the current practice of rewarding members with monetary incentives, as well as political donations, must be changed.

The Muar MP said that money ultimately runs the “movement”. And although the party yet to be registered, he expects the funding to come from their own pockets.

He added that they need to disrupt the politics and how it is being funded so that the warlords on the party shall cease to exist.

Saddiq said that the old styles of politics must be disregarded. He wants the new politics to become highly competitive process which there is continuous party training for other leaders to come up.

The former youth and sports minister said that his new party will rely on crowdfunding and limited corporate donations so they won’t be indebted to anyone.

He is still undecided on whether the new entity will be registered as a new political party or will just remain as a movement.

Saddiq also confirmed that the party will have no plans for joining Dr. Mahathir’s new party Pejuang. He hopes to ensure that all parties, entities, and platforms compete with one another to put the voices of the youth in a better position.

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