Only 32 but he has donated blood 51 times

Mohd Fuad Afifi Zahkai has donated blood for 51 times and truly enjoys doing it. Believe it or not, he is only 32 years of age.

The assistant administrator at the Terengganu Islamic and Malay Heritage Council said he started donating blood when he was 18 and has since done so almost every month.

“I felt excited after the first experience and realised that it (the process) was easy.

“My reason for donating my blood is just to help others who need it, especially accident victims and also mothers who are giving birth,” he said.

Mohd Fuad said he was also encouraged to do so after reading about the perks of donating blood which include lessening the risk of getting heart problems.

“And apart from helping others, we too get the benefit and also pahala (reward),” he said and added that when he had an accident in 2009, he did not have to pay for the medical expenses as he had been an active blood donor.

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