Over 1,000 flood victims displaced in Tenom

TENOM – Over 1,000 flood victims have been relocated to several evacuation centres due to severe flooding and continuous heavy downpour in TenomAccording to information from the Civil Defence Force, 13 villages were affected by the floods.

Kg Gumisi Laut, Kg Gumisi Ulu, Kg Magus, Kg Enubai, Kg Ponontomon, Kg Pantongan Saga, Kg Belumbung Seberang, Kg Pulungan, and Kg Labut 1 and 2 were among the areas included on the list.

District Office, Civil Defence Force, Fire and Rescue Department, police are continuously monitoring the three main rivers – Sungai Padas, Sungai Ponontomon and Sungai Pagan.

Some roads will only be accessible by heavy and large vehicles as a precaution.

No reports of deaths due to the floods as of the moment.

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