Raline: I won’t be anybody’s second wife

RALINE Shah, the Indonesian actress who appeared in the new movie Polis Evo 2, has made clear that she will not be anybody’s se­­cond wife.

“Nobody seems to believe it when I say that I don’t have anyone special now,” she told Mingguan Malaysia.

But she was insistent that no matter what, she would not go for someone else’s husband.

“In Indonesia, the term is pelakor. It’s an abbreviation for a husband snatcher. That would be a label I would never want,” said Raline, 33.

It is a fantasy come true for businesswoman Nurulaini Ismail, 29, when she “transformed” herself into a mermaid princess resembling her favourite character Ariel in Walt Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

The mother of four dyed her long hair to burgundy.

And her waistline measured 58cm, which is apparently second only to the late Puan Sri Saloma whose waist was a mere 53cm.

“As a mother of four, it seemed impossible to have a 23-inch (58cm) waist,” she said, adding that this was made possible by putting on a corset.

Furthermore, her weight is now 52kg compared to 76kg previously.

Nurulaini, whose nickname is Beby Maembong, said she decided to dress up as a mermaid after she was told by children during a Hari Raya gathering in Terengganu that she looked like a mermaid.

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