Recovered COVID-19 patient in Malaysia donate blood to help others

KUALA LUMPUR – A 41-year-old Ex COVID-19 patient will be the first Malaysian plasma donor to help others who tested positive to fight the coronavirus.

Reza Huzairi Zainuddin, a recovered patient where his blood plasma was found to be powerful, healthy for treating other COVID-19 patients on critical condition.

“I am overwhelmed and proud that Allah replaced my sadness with the opportunity to help other patients with the donation of my blood plasma,” He said in an interview.

Reza Huzairi added that about 500ml of plasma were collected which could be used to help several patients.

“During the one-hour long process of collecting my blood plasma at the National Blood Bank, I had the opportunity to ask the doctor many questions on treating the infection using blood plasma from COVID-19 patients who had recovered.”

“I am thankful that my blood plasma fits the bill.”

He plans to donate again in two weeks as he hopes to help more patients overcome this pandemic.

The plasma collected will be used to build a serum that will be injected to seriously ill COVID-19 patients with his similar blood type. Health director-general Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah said that several other ex-COVID-19 patients were also willing to donate their plasma for the benefit of others. The Health Ministry will facilitate and make sure to screen the potential donors and make sure they were free from any other infections such as Hepatitis C.

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