Should Malaysia ban PUBG?

Malaysia is no different to this behaviour . In response to the 15 March Christchurch shooting , lots of people attributed the terrorist’s violent behaviour to the vastly popular battle royale game , Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG ).

“The point of these video games is to mould a generation that is excited by war and violence”, said Mohd Yusof Ahmad, Mufti (Muslim legal expert) from the state of Negeri Sembilan; calling for the game to be banned in Malaysia.

This reaction has also been echoed by Malaysia’s Muslim community , citing that the game advertises “Islamophobic imagery” when it was discovered that anyone of the items in the game resembles the Kaabah , a property at the centre of Islam’s most important mosque .

These improvements have raised concerns for the esports industry in Malaysia as video gaming there provides many pro gamers with a lucrative income – literally setting a roof over their heads .

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