Sultan Muhammad V steps down from his post

Source: The Star

Sultan Muhammad V has stepped down from his post as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

“The king has resigned from his post”, said Comptroller of the Royal Household Datuk Wan Ahmad Dahlan Ab. Aziz.

He added: “His Majesty has informed this matter officially to the Malay Rulers through a letter issued to the secretary of the Conference of Rulers.”

Wan Ahmad assured that the king tried to fulfill his responsibilities as the Head of State and that he already played a huge role helping stability and justice among the rakyat.

On the other side, The king thanked the other Malay rulers who had chosen him as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong back in 2016.

He has also expressed his highest appreciation to the Prime Minister and the Federal government for their cooperation.

Wan Ahmad added: “As the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, His Majesty is very proud with the sacrifices and loyalty that has been shown to His Majesty and the country all this while.”

The King has prepared to return to his home state of Kelantan to be with the State government and the people of Kelantan to help uplift the state further.

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