Anwar Opposes the Six-Month Change as Impracticable Yet Available to Dr. Mahathir as Mentor Minister

PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said he would not consider the proposal from Pakatan Harapan for him to succeed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister after six months as the agreement would come at a heavy cost to the government. In an interview with Channel News Asia, the leader of the federal opposition said that the quick change would imply at least half a year of confusion about topics such as the Cabinet’s permanence and implemented policies.

When he was questioned by the interviewer whether there was any way he might suggest collaborating with Dr Mahathir as the latter ‘s deputy, Anwar found out that two Mahathir administrations had already existed. Anwar shared his conviction that at this stage Malaysia needed to move forward, and that Malaysians as a whole expected much more after being plunged into disillusionment with the politics of the world.

It’s not a matter of personalities, but of an opportunity to start over again; a fresh start. Given his determination that Dr. Mahathir would not return for a third time as the prime minister, Anwar said he was not opposed to the former’s advisory position, likely in the form of a senior minister or minister counselor as was done in Singapore when Lee Kuan Yew stepped down.

PH and its partners in the coalition known as “Pakatan Plus” are frustrated by their option of nominee as Prime Minister, with PKR saying that it will consider Anwar only while the others try to pursue Dr Mahathir as an interim solution

DAP and Amanah yesterday tried to convince Anwar and his party to consider the offer by suggesting that a signed document would formalize the negotiated transfer and timetable. Anwar ‘s hesitation may stem from the previous tenure of Dr. Mahathir as prime minister where the latter frequently postponed his offer to yield the post to his former deputy by merely demanding that he finally uphold the agreement.

In February, Dr. Mahathir resigned as the prime minister to cause the downfall of the PH regime, which then enabled Perikatan Nasional to gain charge of the unelected federal government. Nonetheless, he has since launched a petition to be reappointed to the role. 

Also rumored to be seeking an early general election is Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, both to protect his political mandate and to refute suspicions that his administration was a backdoor Dictatorship.

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