Baby girl found abandoned outside mosque in Malaysia

TASEK GELUGOR, Penang: A baby girl was found abandoned outside a mosque in a town in Penang on Tuesday (Apr 23).

A boy attending prayers at the Ara Kuda Mosque found the newborn and informed other members of the congregation .A observer , Ahmad Abdullah , 59 , stated he was getting ready to pray before the boy informed him about the infant .

“The box was on the pavement of the mosque and when I came about 1pm, I did not see any box on the sidewalk at the front of the mosque and we believe the baby had just been left there. We, the members of the congregation, were shocked on discovering the baby,” he said.

He added the baby was asleep and was taken into the mosque before the police were called.Ahmad stated the baby was in healthful , and that the umbilical cord was thought to have been cut before she was twisted in a batik cloth and positioned inside the box. 

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