Balloons were filled by hydrogen, causing the explosion

PUTRAJAYA: The balloons that were used as props at the Education Ministry’s 2019 National Sports Month event on Saturday was filled by hydrogen, the police confirmed.

According to Putrajaya police chief Assistant CommissionerRosly Hassan, hydrogen gas was highly sensitive to flames.

The suspect who allegedly caused the incident have yet identified, the police said.

Rosly said that as of 10 am this morning, only four victims; two men and two women were still being treated at the Putrajaya Hospital.

It was reported that Saturday’s incident injured 16 people, nine of them were children. Some of those injured were participants of the program.

The victims, aged between 4 and their 30s, were rushed to the Putrajaya Hospital.

The incident occurred when someone tried to cut the string tied to a bunch of balloons with a cigarette lighter when the flames struck one of the balloons before the whole bunch exploded, Rosly said.

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