Examining of salary increase in civil servants!

Towards the presentation of the Budget 2019, a review will be conducted on the salary increase of civil servants. 

The review was made taking into account the country’s current financial position. 

Chief Secretary to the Government, Datuk Seri Dr Ismail Bakar said the review should be done first, to determine whether the salary increase promised by the previous government should be continued or otherwise.

“This is still in the review and we take into account the government’s financial position whether the matter is to be continued or not, taking into account the financial position.

“I look back at this and we can not comment on it but we think it should be reviewed,” he said when met by the media after a Talk Talk Session with Johor State Public servants here today. 

Giving the salary increase in appreciation of the services and sacrifices and tired of civil servants as government loyalists and the increase involved a total of RM1.46 billion. 

The grant means that civil servants receive an additional annual salary increase plus the annual salary movements received for 2018.

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