First Malaysian Highway Is Ailing

The very first Malaysia’s expressway, Federal Highway, connecting Kuala Lumpur and Port Klang was built in 1959 and still remains as one of the busiest highways in the country.

However, the highway is in bad shape despite the importance based on the inspections by the New Straits Times along the toll-free stretch of Seputeh to Port Klang and a small stretch to West Port.

Visible problems faced by motorist are potholes, unevenly tarred roads, damaged signages, insufficient of road indicators as well as poor lighting and unreplaced bulbs especially from Klang to Petaling Jaya. This highway which is the busiest highway in the Klang Valley has seen many upgrading works in the last 60 years since it was built to replace the former Jalan Kuala Lumpur-Klang.

Currently, it is currently operating with four to six lanes and has massive daily traffic jam mainly during rush hour.

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