Incompetent Malaysian authorities in Christchurch, prompts families to find alternative means for assistance

PETALING JAYA: Affected Malaysians in New Zealand are unhappy with the incompetence of the Malaysian authorities there, that those who have relatives missing in the aftermath of the terror attack in Christchurch are being forced to do things on their own.

There has been no financial assistance so far from the Malaysian government, forcing them to set up their own fund called “Christchurch Malaysian Relief Fund” to help the injured and their families.

In a WhatsApp group set up by Malaysian residents in Christchurch, one said that a Malaysian mother had to go look for her missing child by herself. The child was still missing as of March 17.

Another stated that there were those who were listed as “missing” only to find out later that two of those people named had earlier returned to other New Zealand cities and were not victims of the attack.

On a new Facebook page set up and handled by Malaysian community leader Dr Ahmad Sufian Ab Rahman, the Christchurch Malaysian Relief Fund was publicised as having been “endorsed by the Malaysian High Commission in Wellington”. The details of the fund can be found on the FB page Crisis Group for Malaysians – Christchurch, New Zealand.

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