It’s Super moon Day for Malaysians.

Malaysians have one more opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Super moon , a experience where the whole moon will be the largest and even the range is nearer to the earth.

Head of Space Scientific research Research Unit , National Space Agency Zahira Mohd Radzi stated the phenomenon happens when the Moon’s situation is the nearest to the Earth with a distance of 356 ,761 km.

The Super moon is visible to the naked eye and the moon will look bigger and clearer than usual.Starting up at 11 .53 PM tonight .

“Hence, starting 11.53 PM tonight the public could witness the biggest full moon with their own eyes anywhere, depending on the condition of the weather,“ she said when contacted by Bernama here today.

“Usually, the size of the Moon would appear between 12.5% to 14.1% larger and 30% brighter than Mikro moon (when the Moon in the orbit farthest from the Earth or apogee position) and in comparison to the normal full moon, Super moon will be 16% brighter,“ he said.

On the other hand , the astronomy panel list of Islamic Enhancement Department of Malaysia Zambri Zainuddin said , tonight’s Super moon will slightly small compared to the Super moon on Nov 14 , 2016.

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