Johor Sultan thanks Malaysian government for Rome Statute withdrawal

JOHOR BAHRU:  The Rome Statute is the treaty that recognized the International Criminal Court, the first permanent , treaty based worldwide criminal court whose power is restricted to crimes against humanity , crimes of aggression , genocide and war crimes . It may also prosecute only individuals , not groups or countries .

More than 130 states have signed the Rome Statute , yet only 123 have ratified the document , based on the UN Treaty Collection website on Sunday.

“I thank the Malaysian government for listening to the voice of the people and cancelling the Rome Statute deal that was signed last March,” he said. “I would also like to thank them for respecting and accepting the view of the Conference of Rulers.” 

“I hope that the government will always prioritise the interests of the people rather than political interests,” he said, adding that he would ensure that the “sovereignty of the nation and the harmony of the people” were always preserved. 

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