Mahathir says some state-owned entities may be listed

KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysia might list certain state-owned agencies to cut government debt and bills , Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Tuesday as it aims new income sources to boost its economic position .

Mahathir , selected in a stunning upset last year , has charged the previous management of Najib Razak for saddling Malaysia with debt and bills of more than 1 trillion ringgit ( $245 .52 billion ) .

A government panel to cut debt is looking at strategies, such as “identification of opportunities on potential asset monetisation, which means mature unlisted government entities may be listed in the stock market,” he said.

State-linked companies could also pare equity stakes, he told a conference of investors in Kuala Lumpur.

“The key guiding principles for monetising any of our assets is that the disposal or monetization must never be done at fire-sale prices, and any disposal of shares, monetisation of assets, auctions or other measures will be done in an orderly manner.”

He did not identify specific companies or fix a timeframe for the plan, however.

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