Malay voters crucial for Pakatan Harapan survival

PETALING JAYA : Pakatan Harapan should learn how to get the message across that they are worried about Malay and Muslim problems if they want to sustain power and survive Malaysian local politics . 

Also , they must not isolate the non-Malays mainly on whose support they won in the 14th general elections , in accordance with political analyst Dr Jeniri Amir . 

“Perception matters, and the political narrative has to have the right communications strategies. Otherwise, these issues can be manipulated, just like what Barisan Nasional (BN) did in the recently concluded Semenyih by-election,“ he told theSun.

Gerakan president Datuk Dominic Lau said Azmin was asking PH to compete with Umno and PAS by pushing a racial agenda. “That basically makes them the same as BN, and it violates their own commitment to reform,“ he said.

“Does Azmin take the 95% of the Chinese who back PH for granted? He should not forget that he won the last polls on non-bumiputra support,“ Lau added.

This, he said, only showed that PH leaders had the same mentality (as their BN cohorts). “There is no political will to reform. Instead they are going backwards just to remain in power,“ he said.

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